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The MAMAyana Birth Story

I truly wanted to create a space for moms to share their honest motherhood stories to help them to feel less alone. From there, I realized that there is a continued opportunity to take these conversations into the real world.

So, I designed a brand for honest motherhood.
I named it MAMAyana which literally means “MAMA, you are not alone”. 

And that brand gets to live on your favourite crewneck sweatshirt or the mug that you drink your (sometimes hot) coffee from. Maybe you’ll pass another mom in the grocery store, and she’ll take a second glance at your crewneck, and you’ll give her a knowing smile.

THAT is the goal. The beautiful vision behind this whole endeavour.

Whether you’re reading a story shared on here, or you’re the mom who took the second glance and received the knowing smile — you get to feel that…

MAMA, you are not alone.

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Hi! I'm Kiri...

I’m a mama to two little ones and a wife to an amazing man. I’m a people person, an extroverted-extrovert, a connector, an empath, a highly-sensitive person.
I gravitate to heartbeats, always.

Although I often feel joy, and awe, and heart-bursting love, my experience becoming a mom (both the first time when our son was born and again with the birth of our daughter) was HARD for me.

The more that I have opened up about these struggles, the more I have learned that your experiences (whether similar or not) have been challenging for you too.